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From Intern to Game Development: A Journey of Growth and Innovation

Starting as an intern in 2020, our developer rapidly mastered Unity, progressed to creating original 2D games, and is now innovating at Chimpvine, mentoring juniors, and pushing gaming boundaries.

Success Story: From Intern to Executive Director at Danson Solutions

An ambitious professional joined Danson Solutions as an intern in June 2021 and rapidly ascended to Executive Director by December 2023. Their journey reflects a progression from managing IT projects to overseeing the entire organizational operations, including finance, HR, and program management, while fostering staff development and mentorship.

Employee Spotlight: Nirajan's Contributions to Danson Solutions

Nirajan, our lead web developer since February 2022, excels in technical expertise, platform versatility, and innovative solutions, significantly enhancing our web development projects at Danson Solutions. His leadership in key initiatives like integrating gaming elements with H5P content and leading system migrations showcases his crucial role in driving our team's success.



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